Electros Fitness


Electric Muscle Stimulation Technology

EMS technology is a well established and developed use of electrical impulses dating back to 1791. More recently, there have been research publications in the European Journal of Applied Physiology to substantiate its use in muscle training. EMS is also recognised by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Today, it is used in recreation to increase intensity and has wide ranging therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.

During exercise the brain transmits electrical impulses through nerve tracts to the muscle motor controls. EMS technology delivers electrical impulses directly to the muscles, simulating the exercising activity. The stimuli are applied as voltaic currents at numerous wavelengths to achieve the desired result. As well as contributing to muscle activity and growth, it can also prevent thrombosis without any detrimental side effects.

At E-FIT Electro Fitness we have harnessed EMS technology to produce a 5th Generation Equipment series. This is specifically designed to stimulate the entire body and in combination with our specially tailored exercises, delivers a thorough and efficient workout.

The user wears a mobile and breathable kit, fitted with up to 20 electrodes, which allow the workout to be targeted on specific areas while delivering a comprehensive training session. The voltage and frequency are controlled by a skilled and experienced coach, as to maximise the potential of the client in line with their requirements.