Electros Fitness

E-Fit Training

Incredibly effective training in only 25 minutes

At E-FIT Electro Fitness we have harnessed EMS technology to produce a 5th Generation Equipment series. This is specifically designed to stimulate the entire body and in combination with our specially tailored exercises, delivers a thorough and efficient workout.

The user wears a mobile and breathable kit, fitted with up to 20 electrodes, which allow the workout to be targeted on specific areas while delivering a comprehensive training session. The voltage and frequency are controlled by a skilled and experienced coach, as to maximise the potential of the client in line with their requirements.

Incredibly effective training in only 25 minutes!

Muscle Building:

The combination of EMS and our specially designed active exercises make a significant contribution towards muscle growth and development. The exercises involve light and simple gymnastics and aerobics as well as strengthening efforts, increasing the efficiency of a workout 10 fold!

The revolutionary element of E-FIT training is the simultaneous stimulation of the entire body. This delivers the effort and work rate of a 1.5 hour workout in just 25 minutes. As an example, a normal training session would involve up to 4 sets of 10 reps, resulting in ~40 muscle contractions within each individual muscle group. Using the E-FIT technology and some light exercise you will subject your entire body to over 36,000 muscle contractions. Please see the graphic below.

As well as muscle training and building the other benefits of EMS reach far and wide. We can tailor the workout in such a way to eradicate cellulite, tone skin and help with weight loss. It is also a great tool for those recovering from injury, whereby the intensity of the workout can be carefully controlled and gradually increased.

We would recommend the workout to anyone looking for a revolutionary way to improve their general health and well being. Some specific areas, where we have a depth of experience in tackling, are detailed below. If you can relate to these issues, then we can help!

• Boring, lengthy workouts
• Excessive weight or Cellulite
• Joint problems
• Back pain and poor posture
• Weak muscles
• New mother trying to regain fitness
• Experienced athlete trying to increase performance

E-FIT takes personal training to a new level. We can design each workout to cater for your own capability and goals, this way, you get the results you desire more efficiently. We also have the capacity to complete your workout in private studios, under the supervision of our experienced coaches. This environment is most conducive to a more effective session, away from the distractions of a gym. Of course, we also offer the capability to train in small groups, allowing us to maintain the effectiveness of the session whilst still retaining the personal element.

We recommend training with E-FIT 2-3 times per week. This allows for an optimal recovery period in between the intense workout sessions. We feel this combination results in the most effective realisation of client goals.