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Due to its efficiency, E-Fit is becoming more and more popular not only as a training method, but consequently as a business opportunity. This type of training needs minimal space and maintenance making it attractive both to the business owner and the customer.

The popularity of E-Fit is demonstrated by its progressive growth - the annual sales have increased by more than 650% from 2011 to 2012 with a tendency of more than 30% growth per month.

The majority of this growth has been generated in a relatively small market (it was first introduced in Hungary where the device is developed and produced), suggesting an even greater potential on the international market. The number of successful E-Fit studios shows a similar trend (see picture below) with an average 30% growth per month.

The return of investment is extremely quick, especially if there is an infrastructure in place. With only 50% occupancy, the return of investment on the E-Fit device is less than 2 months. This figure is based on normal opening hours and the current, standard rates of a personal E-Fit training (£30), which is comparable with that of the conventional personal trainings.

Recommended areas of use: sports clubs (training, rehabilitation), wellness hotels, fitness centres, beauty salons, independent studios, weight loss/body shaping salons and personal trainers.

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